Introducing Papperlapapp




Papperlapapp, the bilingual picture book magazine for children aged five and up, is published quarterly. Each edition of the magazine features parallel bilingual text, which is printed in German and one other language prevalent within immigrant communities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The magazine currently exists in the following eleven language combinations: German/English, German/Albanian, German/Arabic, German/Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, German/Chechen, German/French, German/Farsi, German/Polish, German/Romanian, , German/Turkish and German/Ukrainian  for children who speak German as their first language or whose native language is not very common in German-speaking countries.

Publishers or educational institutions expressing an interest in any other language combinations are very welcome to get in touch via email: foreignrights@papperlapapp.co.at.

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Every issue, containing 40 pages, is based on a topic that is relevant and interesting to children. Some past examples include: outer space, dinosaurs, courage, anger and boredom. As a general rule, each issue includes seven different features: two main stories, a comic, a hidden object game, brainteasers, a craft activity and a page that gives children space to do some drawings relating to the topic.


Colourful and imaginative, fun and thought-provoking, cheerful and sweet, exciting and interesting – Papperlapapp has plenty of surprises in store with its expressive pictures and vivid language. The stories, written by renowned authors, are a delight to read aloud and are ideal for children to read on their own too, making their first step towards learning to read an enjoyable one. Established and up-and-coming illustrators create visual imagery that speaks for itself. All of this combined means that Papperlapapp manages to spark a love of language, reading and creativity. An expert editorial board is responsible for ensuring that the content is of a high standard and suitable for the target age range.

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Papperlapapp covers all sorts of topics of interest to children, such as friendship, outer space, dinosaurs, courage, cooking, bees and being unique. The features invite the reader to marvel and wonder, to read aloud and keep turning the pages, to join in and get creative.

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Papperlapapp does not contain any advertising and is printed in Austria on environmentally friendly paper that feels nice to touch.


The aim of Papperlapapp is to ignite the joy of reading and inspire a love of the written word and language. The magazine helps children from a migrant background to pick up German, the language they will use in their education, by encouraging them to use their first language at the same time. After all, several scientific studies have shown that the more confident children feel with their first language, the easier they will find it to learn other languages.

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Papperlapapp contributes to early language development: The magazines are designed to be used in nurseries and primary schools first and foremost as well as at home. It is best if the stories are read for the first time at home in the child’s first language so they get to know what happens. This will help them feel more confident and get more involved when the texts are then read in German at nursery or primary school. As a result, they will find it easier – and more fun – to learn the language spoken in their often new home country.