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No. 6 | Bees

No. 6

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Bees are the most important working creatures on the planet. What better reason could there be for us to dedicate an entire issue of Papperlapapp to these tiny insects? Issue #6 takes a closer look at the natural marvels that bees perform, all to our benefit. 

In Bees, blossoms, breakfast, Flora sets off on an exciting and educational journey on the back of Lolli the bee to explore the world of the honeybees. Small information boxes appear alongside the vivid illustrations, providing important details for the more curious young readers. The story How does honey find its way into the jar looks into the work of beekeeper Emma. Any readers following in the footsteps of Oli + Grant will soon find themselves enjoying a meadow full of flowers. Plus, they will experience the amazing feeling of actively helping the honeybees in their quest to find healthy nourishment.

Authors & Illustrators: Melanie Laibl, Elsa Klever, Tanja Fabsits, Anna Doherty, Claudia Dzengel, Julie Guillem, Lenz Mosbacher, Verena Hochleitner, Agi Ofner

40 pages, haptically appealing paper, 20x22cm, commercial-free, printed according to the guidelines of the Austrian ecolabel

Available in several language combinations.

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