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No. 14 | In the woods

No. 14
In the woods

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The woods is a peaceful, exciting and sometimes even secretive place, where there are many different kinds of plants and animals to discover. Papperlapapp No. 14 aims to inspire readers and listeners to explore the woods for themselves.

In the story The scent of the woods, Paul tries to capture the smell of the woods and take it home with him. Sadly his mother is not very happy with the result, but it gives her an idea as to how Paul can enjoy the scent of the woods at least for one night. In A flash, a crash, a rainy bash, the forester searches for his friends, the woodland animals, to warn them about the coming storm. He visits each of their homes in turn and, in doing so, gets caught up in the thunder storm himself. But he can’t find the animals anywhere. Where on earth are they hiding? The Oli + Grant comic describes how it’s not always very easy to get a peaceful night’s sleep even in the quietness of the woods.
The ‘brainteasers’ encourage readers to think about how important the woods are for us humans. The activity page  shows how to make a little house out of moss and twigs. Page 38 explains the meaning of the terms ‘deciduous, coniferous and mixed woods’.

Authors & Illustrators: Sarah M. Orlovský, Nele Palmtag, Kerstin Hau, Lotte Bräuning, Katrin Smejkal, Petra Lukovicsová, Lenz Mosbacher, Eelenia Beretta, Agi Ofner

40 pages, haptically appealing paper, 20x22cm, commercial-free, printed according to the guidelines of the Austrian ecolabel

Available in several language combinations.

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