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No. 21 | Chaos and order

No. 21 | Chaos & order
Chaos and order

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In The order of things by Matthäus Bär (text) and Lucy Dillamore (illustrations), Mika has her own system where, for example, the toy penguin goes in the freezer and the cuddly bear sits on the kitchen shelf next to the honey – because they feel comfortable there. Except that Mika often forgets where she put her things, and then her system can collide with her daddy’s. But there is a solution …

There is also a solution in the second story Who is it? (text by Lena Raubaum, illustrations by Anna Vaivare): The toys themselves speak up and want to be put back in their place, and Ben and Cara even have fun with tidying up.

This time the hidden object picture is a swirl picture, in the join-in page the mess in the kindergarten is cleared up, and Oli + Grant build sand castles that disappear the next day.

Authors & Illustrators: Matthäus Bär, Lucy Dillamore, Lena Raubaum, Anna Vaivare, Allan Sanders, Gert Albrecht, Joanne Liu, Lenz Mosbacher, Agi Ofner

40 pages, haptically appealing paper, 20x22cm, commercial-free, printed according to the guidelines of the Austrian ecolabel

Available in several language combinations.

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