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No. 22 | Fighting and making up

No. 22
Fighting and making up

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Arguing is a skill that has to be learnt. Papperlapapp No. 22 shows that there’s no need to be afraid of conflict … After all, isn’t it nice to make up again after a fight?

The story entitled The missing unicorn is about David’s toy horse. When David makes this gallop across a broad expanse of carpet between mountains made of wrapping paper, his big sister Amina claims the toy belongs to her and also that it is not a horse at all but in fact a unicorn with an imaginary horn. This is bad luck for David, but everything gets resolved in the end. A cake helps clear the air, and the horse and unicorn get the crumbs.
In Monster fury little monster Momo is also having trouble with his big sister Mimi, but Mum teaches him the magic word “Stop”. Mimi gradually learns to accept this, and from then on not only she has fun playing but Momo does too.
The philosophical Brainteasers address the golden rule of ethical behaviour. The Join in! page has quotes from children talking about situations in which they fought and made up. Oli + Grant also quarrel, but work together to repair the damage and thus create something bigger.

Authors & Illustrators: Tanja Fabsits, Luigi Olivadoti, Sarah Michaela Orlovský, Eva Muggenthaler, Bernardo P. Carvalho, Lenz Mosbacher, Joanne Liu, Agi Ofner and the children Sarah, Vinzenz, Sofia and Lima (age 5 to 7)

40 pages, haptically appealing paper, 20x22cm, commercial-free, printed according to the guidelines of the Austrian ecolabel

Available in several language combinations.
(including German-Ukrainian)

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