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No. 9 | Anger

No. 9

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It sure does feel good to let our feelings out, but does that apply to anger too? Is it OK to show that we are angry? Absolutely! In fact, that is exactly what we should do! And if those around us show a little understanding, our feelings of anger and irritation soon blow over. Sometimes, we may even find that anger helps us to assert ourselves.

In the story called Theo and the fury, we see how an outbreak of anger helps Theo to stand up for himself against his bossy friend Tim without ruining their friendship. Lots of little irritations can sometimes make a bad mood blow up and turn into major rage. In these situations, it’s just a matter of letting off steam and those horrible feelings of anger are gone before we know it. The little hippo who sees red soon realises that this is true. Any readers wondering how to tell that someone is angry just by looking at their face should take a look at our Brainteasers. And Page 38 features some tips and tricks for calming down.

Authors & Illustrators: Saskia Hula, Karen Crosbie, Claudio Polzer, Monika Ernst, Julia Schlager, von Zubinski, Lenz Mosbacher, Tine Schulz, Agi Ofner

40 pages, haptically appealing paper, 20x22cm, commercial-free, printed according to the guidelines of the Austrian ecolabel

Available in several language combinations.

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