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No. 23 | Secrets

No. 23

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Both children and adults sometimes find out things that should remain secret and which they should keep to themselves. Papperlapapp No. 23 is about good secrets that are exciting and give joy. But also about incriminating secrets that shouldn’t be disclosed.

In the story The honey thief, bear cub Nana has a full-blown crisis of conscience after catching her best friend Jo secretly nibbling Grandad Bomm’s honey. While she knows that it is wrong, Jo is also her best bear friend, so she vows not to squeal on him. However, over the next few days her conscience plagues her so much that she goes and tells Grandad Bomm, who finds a neat solution to her problem … In the second story entitled Secrecy, Liliane the elf stumbles upon a ‘good’ secret: the dormouse together with a group of fireflies has secretly decorated the shore of the torrent, making it incredibly beautiful. But it asks Liliane not to give it away. A secret that will give joy to others? That gives Liliane an idea …
The brainteasers focus on how to distinguish between good and bad secrets. The activity pages motivate children to devise secret hand signals. Finally, the hidden object game encourages children to go and look for a hidden treasure in an old castle.

Authors and illustrators: Susa Hämmerle, Katharina Sieg, Sarah Michaela Orlovský, Anna Vaivare, Sabine Kranz, Liga Kitchen, Karen Crosbie, Lenz Mosbacher and Agi Ofner

Volume and production quality: 40 pages, paper thickness that is pleasing to the touch, 20x22cm, no advertising, printed in accordance with the guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel

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