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No. 24 | Growing

No. 24

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Our environment can literally drag us down, but also help us to grow. In our first story, a baby elephant is born with a little bump on its head. His mother therefore names him Bumpy, much to the amusement of the other animals in the savanna. Bumpy is so ashamed that he stops growing and actually starts shrinking. However, as a ‘midget’ he discovers that he can be so useful that he earns praise from everyone and then grows bigger and bigger again.

In the story entitled Great fun, Lori has only a few days of nursery school left before starting primary. He’s worried about this because since his big sister has been at primary school she hasn’t felt like playing with him much. Instead, she spends hours reading or talking on the phone to her school friends. “That’s really boring! Where’s the fun in that?” Lori wonders. His nursery school teacher Shirin knows how to placate him, though …

On the activity page children are asked to look for clothes they have outgrown. The hidden object game shows a section of the Amazon rainforest where everything grows as nature intended. The forest is so overgrown that the ocelot, squirrel monkey and other animals are not at all easy to find!

Authors and illustrators: Saskia Hula, Elina Braslina, Matthäus Bär, Rachel Stubbs, Tine Schulz, Kristina Heldmann, Lenz Mosbacher, Béatrice Menuel and Agi Ofner

Volume and production quality: 40 pages, paper thickness that is pleasing to the touch, 20x22cm, no advertising, printed in accordance with the guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel

Issue No.24 is available from our shop in 11 language combinations, including German–Ukrainian.

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